Pediatric Speech Therapy

 Therapy Connection of the Treasure Coast eagerly provides speech and language therapy services to the Treasure Coast pediatric population, ranging from birth to 18 years of age. Our board-certified therapists treat several conditions within the child’s natural setting – whether it be home, daycare or school – which provides the most comfortable possible learning atmosphere for the child.
child speech therapy on the Treasure Coast

Speech Therapy For Children

Speech therapy for children is appropriate when they present with delays in their speech or language skills. These services can aid in closing the gap between their delay and where they should be according to developmental norms. Children as young as newborns may benefit from speech therapy services to address feeding disorders, while a 3-year old may require services to increase the number of words in his vocabulary or more precisely produce specific sounds. Whatever your child’s speech and language difficulties may be, Therapy Connection of the Treasure Coast is here to provide effective speech therapy services to infants, toddlers, and school-age children.

Speech Therapy For Teenagers

Teenagers may benefit from speech therapy due to difficulties such as trouble with reading comprehension,writing, making inferences or “reading between the lines”, or acting socially appropriate. Whether your child is just blossoming into those teenage years; or is approaching adulthood, speech therapy services may be necessary to better prepare your child for the responsibilities and independence associated with adulthood.

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